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When engaging with reflective thinking on any topic, a good start is to question the very essence of the topic. And this is a good start with the concept of being homeless. 10’s of millions of refugees are truly homeless, … Continue reading

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Dreams, magic, faith and love

I did try to tackle Love as a subject in my book Judgement Day, so now I want to see if I can link dreams, magic, faith and love, and make sense of them. If the idea of making sense … Continue reading

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Utter absurdities

Every now and then you see something that is so blatantly absurd yet seems to be treated as if it was completely rational. Advisors to The President should be on the watch for such things, there is nothing worse than … Continue reading

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Being creative about creating jobs

Have you ever wondered why it costs so much to create new jobs? Why you need to build an entirely new business park or subsidise a massive new factory and then find that each job has cost £10k or £20k … Continue reading

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Crowds of Individuals?

Whether it is a crowd at a football match, a crowd attending a religious festival or a crowd of people rioting against a grievance or just rioting because they feel like it, dealing with crowds is hard for anyone in … Continue reading

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Digital money

I am posting here thoughts from Karthikeyan Arumugathandavan,  a really smart, nice guy whose name seems as long as his knowledge is wide: “…1 ) Visa Advances Toward a Digital Wallet “Visa has also been testing a system that lets … Continue reading

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Travel writing

I was browsing through a National Geographic Magazine while waiting for stage 4 of my yearly eye tests and I noted that the National Geographic is seeking new travel writers and you can enter a competition and maybe win some … Continue reading

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