Addiction is a habit that becomes unfriendly, even unhealthy. Our brains are not perfect machines, and quite a lot of the time they make decisions for us which in our other minds we would not make.

Doing something a number of times locks the pathway of neural activity so it becomes a bit harder to break the next time. Even worse, the pathway seems to work by being less satisfactory each time. Because the ‘reward’ is less you want to do it again even sooner, driven by the memory, that is the pathway, that kinks to the good feelings you used to have.

The way out of addiction is to create other paths which are more healthy, and make a mental decision to stick to them. Sticking to them means listening less to your feelings and more to your reason, and habit, and addiction, seem to want to call in your feelings more and more until the corner is turned.

If you think it is hard enough giving up smoking, or eating too much, think about how hard it might be for The President to give up on some favourite ways of doing things which she or he thinks worked the first time so why not again?

U-turn anyone?


About Graham Rawlinson

I now have 5 books published as Ebooks They feel like part of a life's work, somehow all the different jobs I have had in my life, from postman to psychologist to facilitator of inventions and running a food business, they all build into a way of loving life, the ups and the downs. I hope you like the blogs I write, and then like the books I write. I hope you will want to take some time out of your life to share some thoughts with me. For that, I thank you. Graham
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