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Taking stock

If only having lots of numbers meant you knew what was happening. The London  Stock Exchange offers lots and lots of numbers, so surely you can tell which companies look good for investments? Berkeley provide masses of data on climate … Continue reading

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Mass action

With three post Christmas days of holiday there will be a few crowded shops, which I guess is good for the economy, though maybe not so good for the planet? We tend to like doing things in crowds, well, some … Continue reading

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Change and choice

The death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il might not lead to as much change in North Korea as we might hope, but hope for positive change can be ignited and that hope includes the wish that leaders of … Continue reading

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Chicken and egg, morality and religion

David Cameron’s comments about the importance of religion as a guide to the morals of a country got me thinking, and somehow I got to chicken and egg. So do we get religion, and then religion brings morals attached? Or … Continue reading

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Silver wolves work at something

I was given a book by Peter Carvell called Silver Wolf. It is a ‘Guide to The Third Act of your Life. I am not sure that I had come to mind as the best recipient of this book because … Continue reading

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Personal Choice and Free Will

At the moment I don’t own a car, but I am thinking of buying a motorcycle. I do have a pedal cycle. I was thinking about my current personal choices, which are mostly to walk or cycle, and thinking about … Continue reading

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