Running on empty

I am off to Nepal for two months in July, voluntary so I thought I should get fit. Really fit. Someone suggested delivery driver for a local supermarket, loading vans with a Tonne and then delivering has to be a way to get really fit, so I am doing that and yes, I am now super fit.

But I am also aware that on difficult days I am running on empty. 10 hours on occasions with no break, not even 10 minutes. On those occasions I am running on empty. I can feel energy is so low as to be, well, just not there. The worry is mistakes happen, and one follows another.

I am sure Mr Ralph Finnes crossing the Antarctic in Winter will be running on empty, though he seems to have reserves more than almost anyone. Way beyond what I am doing.  But it occurs to me that the way things are with work is that cuts mean more and more people are running on empty. There is no reserve. And so, on occasions, people just quit.

The poor nurse looking after Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge may also have been running on empty, working away from home, wider family support away in another country.

Although efficient, it makes no sense to run people on empty. What you get is catalytic failure, which on occasions is suicide. Whether it is exam pressure, or financial pressure, or just job demands and hours of work and conditions of work which are basically intolerable, with millions out of work or with no paid work, why are we running people on empty?

So I am heading off to countries where I hope there is a lot less running on empty. First Nepal then Laos then? Not sure. But I think my sense of needing to work and doing it even when running on empty is coming to an end, it makes no sense.

Let’s end it.






About Graham Rawlinson

I now have 5 books published as Ebooks They feel like part of a life's work, somehow all the different jobs I have had in my life, from postman to psychologist to facilitator of inventions and running a food business, they all build into a way of loving life, the ups and the downs. I hope you like the blogs I write, and then like the books I write. I hope you will want to take some time out of your life to share some thoughts with me. For that, I thank you. Graham
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