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Legislation – more options than 1

Sometimes it seems like the only thing Governments do is legislate, and when they campaign they say they are going to cut unnecessary legislation and yet they increase it every time. Let’s give them some ideas about what kinds of … Continue reading

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Whitewater rafting, orange juice and teeth

While reading a ‘history of modern Britain 1783 to 1964’,  as one does from time to time, the overriding impression is one of chaos. You have a totally mixed bag of politicians, who all have hugely biased ways of seeing … Continue reading

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Journalists need to understand basic maths!

Here in the UK the ‘good news’ is that inflation has come down, so roving journalists went onto the streets and asked people how this would affect them, the suggestion being that lower inflation will make people better off. This … Continue reading

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It has been suggested that The Daily Mail made no such suggestion on removing the numbers 3, 5 and 7. I apologise for any confusion caused. What I should have said was  “Some sensible ideas I got from reading The … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with therapy? Cults, the NHS and Landmark explored.

I have never been keen on the notion of therapy, maybe because those dishing it out seem to be as troubled as those receiving it, if not more so. In the UK there is a big fuss about reorganisation of … Continue reading

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One thing you could do to improve your thinking!

I was at an informal ‘Transition’ meeting last night, informal means down the pub, and someone kindly asked what I did. I now reply I am a writer. I have had various careers, educational psychologist, innovation and creativity consultant, software … Continue reading

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The one thing wrong with Government is….

In an established democracy of more than 60 million people  you would think after 1000 years we would be able to get the UK Government right, but we don’t. It might be that it is a ‘really difficult job’, but … Continue reading

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