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Little mistakes, big consequences

I made a little mistake today and am still kicking myself for it, though the consequences are minor. Shopping at the Farmer’s market I bought some leeks. They are quite long so they stuck out of my backpack. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Errors, slips, mistakes, illusions and delusions

Two young girls died when hit by a train six years ago, and Network Rail have admitted their ‘liability’ in court a few days ago. Tragically people are still dying when crossing railway lines, faults are analysed, attempts made to … Continue reading

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Timing and expression, the key to the meaning of everything

As I write a book on how to learn Lao, the language of Laos, I am struck by how the essence of the language seems to be based on action not things. So for the English word ‘necessary’, it is … Continue reading

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Birth, death, and something in between

It is tempting to think that the right to life is absolute, at least if you come from one of the cultures close to mine, UK, white, Christian. But maybe this is questionable in that for many cultures life itself, … Continue reading

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Hope is not for sale, Somali Pirates, Auschwitz and Pyramid Selling

I was watching a  TV report from someone who had spent time  with the Somali pirates, seemingly going further away from their coast and getting more and more aggressive as counter measures are limiting their success. At first it was … Continue reading

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Option A or Option B?

I am sure you have often been presented with a question, someone seeking advice, asking if they should go for option A or option B. Should I take the job or not, should I buy this house or not, should … Continue reading

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Climate change, is it all about numbers?

If it was not for the horrid sense of ultimate danger the study of climate change would be one of the most fascinating topics out there. It has the glorious position of having one end fixed by the laws of … Continue reading

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