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Whitewater rafting, orange juice and teeth

While reading a ‘history of modern Britain 1783 to 1964’,  as one does from time to time, the overriding impression is one of chaos. You have a totally mixed bag of politicians, who all have hugely biased ways of seeing … Continue reading

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Water, civilisation and science

From the very beginning of community living, water has been at the heart of where we can live, how comfortably we live, how abundantly we live. Water moves around the planet in abundance, billions of tonnes of it float around … Continue reading

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How to run the NHS part 3

In my other two blogs on how to run the NHS I noted the need to slice the NHS services into those for the up to 18 months of age services, those for people in their last 18 months and … Continue reading

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Mum is a different species!

I was on an almost empty train the other day and a small group of young people got on. From the chat about University I would guess they were about 17 years old. I was not trying to listen in … Continue reading

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How to run the NHS part 2

Yesterday I looked in a small way at how reasoning would lead to slicing the NHS into different kinds of organisations, one dealing with from pre pregnancy to 18 months old, another for the last 18 months of life and … Continue reading

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Journalists need to understand basic maths!

Here in the UK the ‘good news’ is that inflation has come down, so roving journalists went onto the streets and asked people how this would affect them, the suggestion being that lower inflation will make people better off. This … Continue reading

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It has been suggested that The Daily Mail made no such suggestion on removing the numbers 3, 5 and 7. I apologise for any confusion caused. What I should have said was  “Some sensible ideas I got from reading The … Continue reading

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