Monetary systems should be based on reason, logic, counting numbers, so it should be the reasoning brain that sorts out what to do with money, however it is managed.

But money is also said to be at ‘The Root of All Evil’, which sounds like it is best evaluated by the holistic, intuitive feelings-based brain mechanisms.

Maybe it is our fundamental confusion about how to deal with money that leads to wars.

We try to sort things out ‘reasonably’, rationally, and when the other side don’t follow our ‘reasoning’ we are left with the battle, the fight, because when you drop the left brained stuff there remains these uncomfortable feelings which set up a flight or fight reaction.

Politicians talk about how other people are taking ‘our tax dollars’ as if somehow there was this little pot with ‘our dollars’ in it, which of course there isn’t.

So the advice to The President on money is to find ways of using money which allow access to systems noting the real value of things,  to find ways which access and use how you feel about money in an appropriate and balanced way.

In this blog I want to explore some of the interesting things going on with money, from digital money to community currency, from trading to trust systems, and hopefully we might get some good advice on how to generate healthy employment for those who seem to be out of the loop because of what money is doing to our ideas about work and contribution.


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