I am now 7 days from arriving in Nepal, not sure what to expect but it will be one of those ‘journeys of a life time’ I am sure.

Packing up has been a long job, because I am basically leaving very little behind, just family and friends, one piano, one old bike, and a few boxes.

I am thinking that finally leaving all the other stuff, the furniture (going to a hospice), over half the books, and all kinds of stuff, crockery, pans, old videos, everything possible I have given away, so it is no longer mine, I am free of possessions, as much as is possible.

As a psychologist who has researched into thinking, and thinking about thinking, this should mean that actually, physically, in my brain, there is less ‘drag’ from the old connections, and I am hoping I can BE in Nepal not just be there. I will let you know.

For the first time I am taking a medical kit, partly because I am planning to be away for 9 months, different food, different bugs, and I want to do things there so little cuts and bruises may need treatment. And as I am taking stuff to give to the schools I am teaching in, I need hold luggage for my first trip, to Nepal. When I leave Nepal in 2 months time I will be back to hand luggage only, which will be much better.

I have thought carefully about many aspects of my trip, but in the end, well, people I have met who travel a lot plan not a lot. That’s probably the best way.

So, first post at the start of my 9 months away, the plan is a post a day, who knows?

31st july I land in Kathmandu



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